Often I cannot stop myself when there is egg being fried on the streets…specially while coming back from office when hunger just strikes you but there are issues like how old is the egg and the oil and filling was it yesterdays left over? So I learnt it on the streets


1. Roti  already made (I know we can make them in different shapes but it doesn’t matter :P). I suggest you make them a little thick not very thin like fulkas.

2. Egg (one)

3. Onions (half)

4. Capsicum (half)

5. Tomato (half) (remove seeds)

6. Green Chilli (one)

7. Black pepper (two pinch)

8. Salt (one pinch)

9. Tomato and Chilli Ketchup

10. Oil


1. Heat a non-stick tawa with little oil and fry the vegetables(till soggy and not crispy). Remove from heat and lower the heat.

2. Heat you roti and pour little oil from the edges.

3. Break the egg on top and spread over the roti with back of a serving spoon and sprinkle salt,  pepper and chilli. You can do this slowly and keep coating the extras until it spreads well.

4. Now turn the roti upside down. Do not worry the egg will be stuck to the roti by now you will  see it cooking. Pour some oil from the edges.

5 .  Put it out upside down on a plate. Spread some chilli sauce , tomato sauce put in your filling.

6. Place a thick tissue paper below and roll it.

7. Enjoy share it with your friends if u like .


1. If you find it difficult to turn it upside down while doing it you can use the flipper at the bottom and back of a serving spoon or another flipper on the top to toss it.

2.  Always use paper to roll it up or else the filling will fall a part.

SUNDAY HO YAA MONDAY ROOZ KHAYE ANNDE….Bass dhiyaan rakhe ki yeh aapki marksheet par naaa dikhe 😛 ( Image taken from goggle)



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