Mutton Sheekh Kabab BIRYANI


Mutton Sheekh Kababs – 4-5 sticks (cut into three pieces)
Rice – 2 1/2 cups
Boiled Egg- 3
Onions – 2
Ginger- 2 pieces
Yoghurt (Dahi)- Half Cup
Garlic- 6 pods
Sweet Corn- half cup
Cloves- 5
Capsicum- 1
Oil- 2 table spoons (mustard or refined)
Jeera powder- 2 spoons
jeera (sabut)- half spoon
Green chilies: 2 chopped
Chilly Powder: 2 tea spoons
Gram masala- 2 tea spoon
Bay Leaf- 3
Salt – according to taste

1. Heat oil and fry kababs till surface looks golden and remove from heat.
2. In a shallow kadai or pressure cooker heat oil put bay leaves wait till aroma rises and then discard.
3. Then put jeera (sabut), garlic, ginger, green chilies , onion and fry. Add tomatoes, corn , capsicum and continue.
4. Add all the masalas, salt and kababs. Add dahi and cook.
5. Now add 2-3 cups water and put rice on top.Cut boiled eggs into pieces and place on top.
6. Cover with a plate and seal. You can put a heavy vessel on top with water and let it cook in a low flame. **** Alternatively, if you don’t want this fuss and you are in a hurry just use the pressure cooker lid but keep the flame low.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve with Raita or Curd or Gravy


You can use brown rice  instead of white. Brown rice is recommended for diabetics and has less carbohydrates. Please add salt and soak it for 4 hours. Brown rice takes time to cook and I suggest you boil the rice a little bit before adding (just tender not too cooked).images (1)I MAYBE TASTY BUT MY MEAT IS RED!!!! Replace me with white (Chicken) if you love your heart!!! (Image: taken from Google)


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