A lawyer by profession and a chef at heart. There is something different about cooking a good meal. They say that wise men eat to live and others live to eat. Eating  wisely is a huge task in  itself and everyone of us in this busy life thrives to strike  a balance. This blog is just an attempt to help people like me who love eating but have less time to cook. There are also issues of health and weight that we all battle. I hope my blog helps all of us who were never forced to enter the kitchen in student life. Living in a city I have like most of you tried all my options of  dabba, PG , hiring a cook and of course eating out but, nothing works after a point of time. Needless to say that mental labour in the office keeps us away from physical labour like exercise at times. Healthy eating just helps us to maintain the balance. I hope you all will benefit from my blog and I hope you will contribute your own quick recipes here….my long run plan is to start a food club….and let us all get to know each other through food. You are welcome to share recipes from other websites provided you acknowledge the source…after all we are all here to learn from each other…….so keep eating and smiling…GOD BLESS!!!

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